The Gnome in Your Home

(a tradition of kindness)

Hearing about acts of violence in our world on an almost daily basis made me feel sad and helpless. However, rather than drowning in these feelings, I decided to do something! 

Specifically, my family and I developed a tradition of performing daily acts of kindness. As a result, we discovered that doing acts of kindness increased our positive feelings and reduced our stress. We also discovered that kindness is contagious! (Did you know that our discoveries are validated by research? Click here to read the research on the positive effects of acts of kindness.)

The Gnome in Your Home illustrated children's book and plush toy was inspired by our family's experience and we hope that it will inspire your family to establish their own tradition of kindness.


The Gnome in Your Home is an illustrated, rhyming children's book about a group of gnomes who (due to their small size and lack of magical skills) question if they can make a difference. As the story progresses, the gnomes discover that they have a valuable gift. A gift for kindness. Based on this discovery (and the realization that small acts of kindness can change the world), the gnomes make a plan to visit homes in order to teach children and adults how easy and fun it is to develop a tradition of daily acts of kindness.


In addition to the story, The Gnome in Your Home book contains 4 pages filled with acts of kindness cards (a total of 44 cards). Each card contains an idea for an act of kindness. 22 of the cards include an illustration with one heart. Cards with one heart do not involve any preparation or money. The other 22 cards include an illustration with two hearts. Cards with two hearts involve just a little bit of preparation or money. There are also several blank cards so that you and your family can create your own act of kindness cards. The pages of the book with acts of kindness cards are perforated for easy removal. However, if you don’t want to remove the pages, they are also available here as free printables.

A 12" plush gnome accompanies each book. Each evening, simply choose one act of kindness card and place it in your gnome’s lap. Then, put the gnome somewhere that your family will see it in the morning. When your gnome is discovered, you can plan and discuss that day’s act of kindness.


The gnomes know that life is busy. If your family is going to have a busy day, then choose an act that does not require preparation. The gnomes also want your family to have FUN! If your family loves doing a particular act, then feel free to choose that act more than once during the month.

Finally, The Gnome in Your Home book includes a page with recipient cards. Make several copies of this page so that you can attach or present the cards each time someone in your family delivers an act of kindness. These cards explain to recipients that they have just received an act of kindness. These cards also inspire others to join in and spread kindness! Recipient cards are also available here as free printables.


The Gnome in Your Home (a tradition of kindness)

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